Seven Hills Wheelmen
Sat & Sun morning road rides - return of the Easy C Rider

Join Dick several times a month for a   real   C ride. Almost nothing over 35 miles.

"Hills are a necessary evil in New England.
That doesn't mean I have to go looking for them.”

"We climb hills because they are there.” NOT ON THESE RIDES WE DON'T. Our motto is "NO GRATUITOUS HILLS”

A record 50 Easy C rides in 2010. Only 39 rides in 2011, 24 in 2012, 35 in 2013

Nov 24, 2013- season winding down with 35 rides this year
2016 late start - mid May but we are open
2017 weather ends season early
2018 ECR season started late, in May !!
2019 ECR season starts later, in June !!
2023 ECR back after 2 years Covid and
leader leg issues

New procedure (starting 7/20/02 ride): Preliminary ride info may occassionally be posted here Tuesday night, but don't count on it! Final ride info will be posted here Thursday night. As a courtesy please e-mail Dick or notify via the Facebook group group by 10pm Friday (or Saturday) if you're planning on riding on Saturday (or Sunday) so I know who to expect. Rain always cancels the ride. Effective 7/28/06, rain and other cancellations will be posted on this page at least 1 hour before ride start time.

The fine print    (revised 6/25/2011, you should probably read this once) Go right to the current ride schedule

Many Easy C Riders keep coming back.
They say the routes, the rides and
the company are lots of fun.
Join them!


is only


days away!

George St Bike Challenge 2009
Does it look like fun?
Two Easy C regulars competed in '08
Four Easy C regulars competed in '09
Two Easy C regulars competed in '13
One Easy C regular competed in '14
Three Easy C regulars competed in '19


2/25/09 There is now an Easy C Rider group on Facebook - members must be approved to join. Details   Joingroup

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Comments: 2022 Season was a bust. Thanks COVID-19
Future Rides:  

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July 27 - Starting at Duffy made the Cake Shop the mid-point of the ride pictures

Oct 10 - 6th running of Walter Trice Memorial Metric pictures

Sept 4 - 35+ miles through North county -great weather pictures

Aug 7 - nobody show up! so Dick rides the long option to Webster and back, 38.5 miles picture

July 30 - about 33 miles to North county - an early start, but cool even at the end pictures

July 17 - 27 miles to South again - variation didn't work out with a bridge out pictures

July 2 - 27 miles to South county - early and cool again pictures

Jun 25 - Just over 31 miles Worcester-Holden-Sterling-W Boylston and back - start early, stay cool pictures

Jun 18 - Almost 28 miles Sterling-Lancaster-Clinton-W Boylston lots of cyclists on road but not with us pictures

Jun 4 - 29 miles again, this time south to Oxford and back pictures

May 22 - Dick led half metric for joint 7HW & NVP ride - got drizzled on about half the ride but not really wet pictures

May 21 - A perfect day for riding; we do a 29 mile loop in North County pictures

May 14 - First ride of 2016, a 25 mile spin through Holden pictures

Dec 6 - SHW annual holiday party  pictures

Nov 5 - Dick joins the Worcester Gaslight nighttime tour   pictures  updated

Aug 30 - A 32 mile loop to South County on an infrequently used route - was this August or Autumn?  pictures updated

July 19 - A 28 mile loop to North County and yet another fine day  pictures

July 13 - A regular joint Easy C / Smell the Flowers ride around Holden Reservoir  pictures

July 12 - A fine day brought only two new riders for a modified River Road ride  pictures

July 6 - 28 miles south from the Auburn Public Library  pictures

Jun 29 - a joint Easy C/Smell the Flowers ride splits for 18 and 25 miles from Old Stone Church   pictures

Jun 28 - 28 miles south to Sutton and Millbury, no problems until almost back   pictures

Jun 22 - A joint Easy C / Smell the Flowers ride has a glorious day and draws quite the crowd   pictures

Jun 21 - Dick joins Lynne T and some others for his first ever Quabbin ride   pictures

Jun 15 - A favorite North County loop stretches to 37 miles with one road under construction. Gorgeous weather  pictures

May 31 - Dick leads the half-metric on a joint NVP/SHW ride   pictures

May 18 - Dick does the CRW Spring metric, misses a turn and gets some extra miles  pictures

May 3 - More riders show up, good weather and 30+ miles to the north  pictures

Apr 6 - 50s again we do about 25 miles and Smell the Flowers does a shorter ride  pictures

Mar 15 - Still snow, but still very rideable in the 50s  pictures

Mar 8 - Snow on the ground, but nearly 60F even though not yet Spring. Not a big crowd, but a very nice ride  pictures

Feb 2 - Unseasonably warm, so Easy C & Smell the Flowers start the season early  pictures

Nov 17 - Dick almost wimps out, but we have an enjoyable 30 mile ride south   pictures

Nov 10 - Another ride about 27 miles got cut short a couple miles with some light rain   pictures

Nov 2 - Indian summer ! We do about 28 miles including the Alta Vista farm in Rutland   pictures

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Easy C Rider rides (often called Easy C Rides by others) are designed for recreational cyclists in association with
the Seven Hills Wheelmen, the Worcester MA based bicycle club.

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