Sat (&Sun) Morning Road Rides - Return of the Easy C Rider

Easy C Rider - Ride Pictures 2013

Oct 26 - A very windy day finds us doing 25 miles close to home  pictures

Oct 20 - A little brisk and windy, but still a fine day for nearly 28 miles in North County from Old Stone Church  pictures

Oct 13 - We do about 29 miles in South County starting in Auburn. Dick rides to start for 41 miles  pictures

Sept 28 - Dick runs the 4th Walter Trice Memorial Metric  pictures

Sept 21 - A small group joined Dick for 40 miles to North County in the wind   pictures

Sept 15 - Dick rides the CRW Fall Metric - alone   pictures

Sept 7 - Two regulars and a new rider join Dick for 39 miles to South County   pictures

August 31 - Rain threatens but holds off and we do 33 brisk miles mostly in Holden and West Boylston   pictures

August 25 - Joint start for ECR and Smell the Flowers rides - 22 and 15 miles   pictures

August 24 - 40 miles in North County on a gorgeous day, where was everyone?   pictures

August 17 - Dick and several other ECR & 7HW people ride the Blazing Saddles century   pictures

August 11 - Another autumn ride in August, this time north from Reliant/Fallon for 37 miles (again)   pictures

August 4 - Riding north from Morgan Park, the weather is autumnally cool as we go 37 miles   pictures

August 3 - Great weather for a 27 mile ride south from Auburn, even if Dick did lose a spoke   pictures

July 27th - Dick is back from vacation, and with a cool, early start we do 35 miles to North County   pictures

July 4th - Dick joins a 7HW ride. The leader's time change notice went astray, but one of the group fills in admirably   pictures

Jun 16th - riding the route from memory (wrong map) we did 44 miles in South County   pictures

Jun 9th - Skipping the King's Tour, we did a mere 28 miles to South County   pictures

June 1st - Dick leads half-metric on a hot joint 7HW and NVP ride   pictures

May 26th - a last minute Memorial day ride. 36+ miles in North County with wind, and mechanical problems for Dick  pictures

May 19th - A repeat of yesterday's 28 mile ride, this time with more participants   pictures

May 19th - Smell the Flowers brings out the ladies for an 18 mile ride that starts with Easy C, then splits

May 18th - Dick makes a mistake on the day/date of the ride, we go 28 miles but most people show up tomorrow   pictures

May 12th - the rains stopped on schedule, the sky went blue, and we did a split guys/gals 24/14 mile local ride   pictures

May 5th - perfect Spring biking weather and we crank up the speed and distance  pictures

May 4th - Smell the Flowers ride brings out the ladies   pictures

April 29th - Dick joins 7HW Monday night ride and gets left in the dust  pictures

April 28th - we split the ride due to differing rider speeds and do 18-22 miles in Holden  pictures

April 21st - low 50s again, and we do about 20 miles out into Holden  pictures

April 14th - low 50s and we head south for the first time this year and find some new pavement  pictures

March 31st - mid 50s and sunny, both ECR and Smell the Flowers ride, starting together  pictures

Mar 24th - 40s and sunny; all today's riders have been with Easy C for many years  pictures

Mar 16th - really too cold for Easy C, but riders showed up, so we rode  pictures

Mar 3rd - Off the bike for too long, but a warmish day turned to snow flurries pictures