Sat (&Sun) Morning Road Rides - Return of the Easy C Rider

Ride Pictures 2005

Sure, the humidity was 94% at 7am, but this small group
with an 8:15am start on 7/16/05
and made it back before the overcast burned off and it became toasty.


The overnight rains had departed, it was cloudy but cool, and this small group had a delightful 30 mile ride through Auburn, West Millbury, Sutton, and Charlton on 7/9/05. The predominantly back roads had mostly dried by the time we passed.


Eleven riders (two showed up too late for the picture) tried a new Easy C Rider route on 7/2/05 and gave it thumbs up! Quiet roads, lots of new pavement, good weather, and only 3 hills in 22.5 miles.


An early (8:15am) start for a ride on 6/25/05 brought out the riders, including a family of four on two tandems. (Left) before the ride (Right) waiting for riders ... Easy C Rider does not mean "C Ya"

A gorgeous Sunday in mid-April (4/17/05) brought out a crowd (at least for EasyCRider) on our second ride of the season