The fine print

  • This series arose in part with with my frustration with 65 mile rides being listed as C rides. I learned that others shared my pain.
  • Easy is relative.
  • Rides will typically be 20-35 miles. That's my intent, not a promise. We do lead some gentler (not necessarily gentle) rides of 40-50 miles and 100km
  • The rides are not without hills, but only when necessary. Those who have ridden with me know that I will always find the gentlest way up.
  • I expect all riders to wear helmets, have their equipment in working order, not do a ride for which they are not in shape, and to arrive on time.
  • These rides will not be races, but I expect to ride fast enough so that they are at least aerobic.
  • Basic ride information may sometimes (rarely) be posted on the web page Tuesday night for the following Saturday or Sunday. If you wish to ride, I request that you email me (or reply to the activity posted on Facebook) so that I know who is coming. I will post complete ride info on the site by Thursday night..
  • Times will usually change (earlier) if the forecast is for obnoxious (hot, humid) weather.
  • I hate riding in the rain. Rain always cancels the ride.
  • Cue sheets will rarely be provided (as in almost never), as I expect these to be group rides (i.e. cyclists riding together in a group).
  • If all goes according to plan, every ride for the season will be different (no repeats). If you have not ridden with me before, all will be new to you; if you have ridden with me about half will be new to you. Rides are usually either my originals or modifications of others' rides so as to reduce hill climbing.
  • Ten years of running this series has shown that we serve two distinct groups of riders (1) less experienced riders not in particularly good shape or not regular riders and (2) better riders looking for shorter and different rides than regular club rides, but wanting a good workout. Starting July 9, 2003 rides will be classified C-1, C-2, C-3 or C-4. Less experienced riders are strongly discouraged from showing up for C-1 or C-2 rides.
  • The Easy C Rider season starts as soon as its warm enough (hopefully in March, but sometimes in January), and the roads are dry and reasonably sand-free. The season typically winds down at the end of September, but has been known to extend into December if the weather cooperates.
  • Effective 7/28/06, rain cancellations will be posted on the web site at least one hour before ride start time.
  • Starting time and place are not likely to change once posted unless cancelled for weather, but the route and distance are subject to change based on who shows up for a ride.
  • Its highly recommended that you bring adequate water for a longer ride than posted (thanks to Bob C for this one).
  • If you expect the ride leader to have ridden the route the week before the ride to check it out, your expectations are unfounded. It doesn't happen. If we come upon roads under constructions or bridges out (a popular item in 2008) we deal with it as best we can (thanks to Bob C for this one).
  • Starting June 2010 we have a new series of Smell the Flowers Rides led by Andrea, typically rated C-3 or C-4.

Last modified 06/25/2011