Sat (&Sun) Morning Road Rides - Return of the Easy C Rider

Ride Pictures 2006

The first ride of 2006 (March 11) brought brisk but nice weather, and this crowd of riders ready to get outside and on the road.
Last minute ride on 4/15 - rain vanished as forecast, brought new and regular riders out Chris fixes Andrea's flat - but she got another & called it a day
A great ride ends April (4/30) - it may have been in the mid 30s last night, but by the 10AM start it was warming up and many layers were shed in the first few miles. We had many new riders join us.


No new riders today (5/20) after what seemed like two weeks of rain, but the regulars came out! Possible threatening weather dissipated, and it was partly sunny and cool with a bit of wind.


Posing in the shade before a glorious 33 mile ride from Worcester to North county on July 1st ... lots of new riders. If you weren't riding somewhere today you missed a wonderful riding day.

July 16th was an 8am, ride.

We completed most of a 25 miles ride through Holden, near Princeton, through Sterling and Boylston before the heat hit full force.

A dozen riders (Joe showed up too late for the photo) decided 50+ miles was too much, and we explored about 25 miles of the back road of north county on a warm (but not obnoxiously so) Sunday (7/30).

8 of 10 riders (other than Dick and Andrea) had ridden with Easy C Rider before, so we hope we're doing something right!