Sat (&Sun) Morning Road Rides - Return of the Easy C Rider

Ride Pictures 2007

Father's Day (6/17) brought out an even dozen riders to explore the back roads of north county. Fred & Anne arrived too late for the photo, but not the ride.

(6/10) The web site said we were going north 20 miles into Holden, but all these riders were regulars and strong riders, and the day was glorious, so we went south for a 38 mile ride to Oxford and Webster. Thanks to Bob C for arranging an emergency water refill in Auburn on the way back. Photo taken near the top of Crowl Hill, Leicester, one of the short list of ECR approved hills.

June 3rd brought out ten riders (Alex was too late for the picture)... There was a threat of thunderstorms but all we got was mist ... went to see the buffalo in Rutland, but it was too misty for a good picture of them.

Memorial day brought out nearly the same 11 riders as Saturday, and we headed south for a nearly 30 mile ride.Rain threatened but never really materialized.