Sat (&Sun) Morning Road Rides - Return of the Easy C Rider

Easy C Rider - Ride Pictures 2009

November 29th, post-turkey, 25 miles through Holden, Boylston and Sterling on a brisk but pleasant, clear autumn day   pictures

November 21st, a fair-size group shows up for a fine ride to South County less than a week before Thanksgiving   pictures

November 15th, Mother Nature changes everything about the ride plans   picture

November 8th, another perfect Indian summer day took us 30 miles into North Country and brought this season's ECR ride count to 35 ! pictures

November 1st, a near-perfect autumn biking day, we did a 27 mile figure 8 in South County   picture

October 31st, don't believe what you see, believe the radar map! The clouds broke, and the wind ended on our back   pictures

October 25th, after a rainy Saturday, clear skies, cool and brisk    pictures

October 22nd, during the week, a repeat of yesterday   picture

October 21st, its during the week, but its Indian Summer, so those who can, ride   pictures

October 10th, cool and windy, but we did 20 miles to stretch the legs for tomorrow's joint ride with 7HW    pictures

October 4th, the weather cleared, and a surprisingly small group did a 42 mile variation of the southern loop   pictures

September 26th, a late start to avoid the chill brought wonderful riding to a 36 mile variation of the North County loop   pictures

September 13th, a very flat and quite brisk nearly 40 miles to Webster and back   pictures

September 6th, an absolutely perfect day for the 1st Annual Walter Trice Memorial Metric Century   pictures

September 5th, a warm-up ride for tomorrow's metric   pictures

August 30th, a 30 mile loop, the ECR Mason St regular, with a lot of changes and some extensions   pictures

Long-time ECR rider Walter Trice passed away Sunday August 23rd, one day after completing the Blazing Saddles Century. Our condolences to his family. There will be a memorial service Saturday Sept 12th at 1pm. Join Dick there.

August 16th, another beat the heat ride, 3rd ECR double header weekend in a row   pictures

August 15th, great beat the heat ride, one of the hillier ECR rides    pictures

August 9th rain threatened like a week ago, but once again didn't arrive   pictures

August 8th was like a Spring day and the start of a double-header ECR weekend   pictures

August 2nd drew a larger crowd. The threat of thunderstorms never materialized   pictures

August 1st, a last minute ride was announced too late to draw a crowd   picture

July 19th, a 40-miler to the south   pictures

July 9th Dick rides from Ellsworth ME to Jordon Pond House in Acadia Park to meet Andrea and our hosts for lunch (they arrived by SUV)

July 5th ride makes for a holiday weekend double header   pictures

Finally a 4th of July ride after a week of rain   pictures

June 27th - It had rained almost all week, so (with warning a last-minute ride might be posted) when I got up to blue skies, I posted a ride. I guess 90 minutes wasn't enough lead time on a Saturday morning. Alex and I did a 28+ mile loop to the North at a brisk B- pace (14.6 mph).

Joint ride Easy C Rider and 7HW, Bolton Explorer ... pictures

June 7th alternative to Kings Tour, we did about 25 miles Good scenery, as usual

May 31st The regulars come out in force for a ride South ... pictures

May 30th Another ride, another flat ... pictures

May 24th, 7HW Vanilla Bean ride, rain more than threatened ... pictures

On May 23rd, rain threated again early, but ... pictures

On May 9th, rain threatened, but .... pictures