Sat (&Sun) Morning Road Rides - Return of the Easy C Rider

Easy C Rider - Ride Pictures 2010

Nov 20th, the weather improves, but its a lonely ride   picture

Nov 13th, Indian Summer returns, we do 30 miles   pictures

Nov 6th, seasonally cool, a small group rides to stretch our legs   pictures

Oct 31st, cool and windier, only Dick and Bob ride south for 28 miles   pictures

Oct 30th, nearly November, cool and windy, but a small band of hardy riders goes north for 26 miles   picture

Oct 24th, from low grey clouds a little rain doth fall ... pictures

Oct 23rd, it was a cold and windy day .... picture

Oct 10th, a little warmer and less windy, we do nearly 30 miles in North County   pictures

Oct 9th, a shorter ride on a windy day   pictures

Oct 3rd, Dick and a couple of regulars do a new half-century route in lieu of the Major Taylor Metric   pictures

Oct 2nd, 20 miles to Auburn and N Oxford - a short ride for the guys, longer for the ladies   pictures

Sept 25th, about 30 miles in South County   pictures

Sept 19th, Dick does the CRW Soughegan River Tour metric - not an ECR ride, and no ECR riders joined him   pictures

Sept 11th, Dick does a South County half-century, but only Alex shows up   pictures

Sept 6th, the 2nd Annual Walter Trice Memorial Metric   pictures

Sept 5th, we are surprised on the annual trip to Alta Vista Farm   pictures

August 28th, an autumn-like morning warms up, and we do another variation of a 35+ mile loop through North county   pictures

August 21st, Dick rides the Blazing Saddles century   pictures

August 15th, Most of us rode to the start to extend a 30+ mile South county loop to almost 45 miles   pictures

August 8th, the recovery ride in a double header weekend ended up brisk but not well attended    pictures

August 7th, with a small group of strong riders, we did 45+ miles into North county    pictures

August 1st, we do Dick's version of the Bolton Explorer from Grafton, minus the interminable Green Street hill and several others   pictures

July 31st, we take Walter's route to Sutton and back, just under 30 miles   pictures

July 24th, a humid day, a growing group, and we catch the ladies   pictures

July 18th, a 30+ mile beat the heat ride to the North attracts a crowd   pictures

July 4th, a true Sunday ride (18 miles from Old Stone Church)   pictures

July 3rd, day of Longsjo makes for a small group, we do almost 40 miles to the north   pictures

June 27th, ECR joins 7HW for the Dudley-Woodstock ride, with an extension from Oxford    pictures

June 20th, another double header and another shorter split ride    pictures

June 19th, about 32 miles through South County   pictures

June 12th, rain threatened so we did only 23 miles. Everyone made is home just before the rain started   pictures

June 7th, Dick joins a large 7HW Monday ride, but leaves mid-ride to extend with Alex and Jason   pictures

May 31st, a modest ride, but third ECR ride for the 3-day weekend   pictures

May 30th, another split ride, and Alex gets a flat    pictures

May 29th, we do Dick's version of the 7HW Brookfield Ramble for the first time in 2 years    pictures

May 23rd, a cool day with a split distance ride, longer for the guys, shorter for the ladies   pictures

May 22nd, a gorgeous day brings big crowd for ECR's 40+ mile ride to South County   pictures

May 16th, 3 ECR riders do the flat CRW Spring Metric. Did we say flat? ... and gorgeous weather   pictures

May 15th, another windy day, but we needed to stretch the legs before tomorrow's CRW Metric   pictures

May 9th, a cool and very windy day, so we kept it down to 25 miles or so   pictures

May 7th, a week-day afternoon ride on short notice   pictures

May 2nd, what can I say but .... wardrobe malfunction   pictures

May 1st, we ride the new (last year) North County loop from Fallon   pictures

April 24th, we ride from Auburn to Oxford and back   pictures

April 19th, not an Easy C Ride, but Dick does his first ever 7HW Monday Night ride   pictures

April 11th, a double header weekend, more of the same (gusting to 30) on the way to Oxford   pictures

April 10th, a brisk day (gusting to 30) but enjoyable all the same   pictures

April 3rd, we do a North County loop   pictures

March 28, out for about 20 miles, as it is still early in the season   pictures

March 21, as nice a day as yesterday (but 15 degrees cooler) .. where was everybody?   pictures

March 20, first day of Spring, warm, sunny, and a big group   pictures

March 6th, not quite Spring, but it sure felt like it, so we had a good crowd for a stretch-your-legs ride   pictures

January 16th, winter you say? Technically perhaps but with a sunny mid-40s day, we rode anyways   pictures