Sat (&Sun) Morning Road Rides - Return of the Easy C Rider

Ride Pictures 2006


Only a small group was present on 8/6, but the weather was near perfect and we did the EasyCRider version of the Brookfield Hardwick Ramble (which of course doesn't include Hardwick) at a distinctly non-EasyCRider pace!

For mid August (8/12) this early morning ride had a distinct and crisp autumnal feel to it ... unseasonally cool, with blue skies and a light wind. We headed for South County with near-perfect riding conditions.

This group took Dick up on 8/13 for one of the hilliest of the Easy C Rider routes - through Auburn, South Millbury, Sutton, Oxford, Charlton etc. Of course hilliness is all relative, and it was still not really hilly . Another gorgeous day, like yesterday.

On 8/19 I guess Easy C Rider was the only game in town. An even dozen, at the start, and regrouping mid-ride (we wait for everyone). Last week's fall weather continued.


Saturday 8/26, a gorgeous day, tomorrow its supposed to rain, no other 7HW rides scheduled this weekend .... where was everyone? OK, Dick decided to go a little longer (38 miles), but we kept up a good pace because most of it was pretty flat (no surprise for Easy C Rider rides)