Sat (&Sun) Morning Road Rides - Return of the Easy C Rider

Easy C Rider - Ride Pictures 2012

Oct 20th - From Worcester, through Auburn and Millbury, returning on the Blackstone bike path  pictures

Sep 22nd - 25+ miles from Auburn Library to Webster and back  pictures

Sep 16th - just over 35 miles through Holden, Sterling and W Boylston  pictures

Sep 9th - the usual crowd for the ECR version of the Brookfield-Hardwick ramble was nowhere to be found  pictures

Sept 2nd - Smell the Flowers draws a crowd for its longest ride of the season  pictures

Sept 1st - a nearly 40 mile ride to South County, including Webster, Dudley and Charlton  pictures

Aug 26th - almost 30 miles from the Old Stone Church through Sterling and Lancaster  pictures

Aug 5th - warm and windy, 28 miles to South County  pictures

July 28th - another variation through North County, about 30 miles  pictures

Jun 16th - a modified route of a rained-out 7HW joint ride with Nashoba  pictures

Jun 9th - Almost 30 miles through Holden, Sterling and W Boylston  pictures

May 26th - about 27 miles to South County starting in Auburn  pictures

May 20th - Smell the Flowers does a quite flat nearly 20 miles from the Old Stone Church  pictures

May 19th - a new 42 mile route to South County  pictures

May 13 - Easy C and Smell the Flowers to a joint/split ride  pictures

May 12 - An ECR contingent joins Lynne on a 7HW Purgatory ride  pictures

May 5 - A 37 mile North county loop from Reliant (Fallon) with great weather   pictures

April 21 - From Duffy, South about 27 miles to the Oxford area  pictures

April 14 - From the Old Stone Church, we do a 31 mile loop North through Lancaster   pictures

April 8 - A small group, a local ride - picture

March 24 - 27+ miles to the South from Auburn on a cool day   pictures

March 18 - a warm day bring out the riders in force and LaForce - we meander 21 miles locally   pictures

March 17 - The regulars have been riding, so we did 28+ miles to North County in just slightly cool conditions   pictures

March 11 - Almost Spring, almost warm, about 25 miles locally   pictures

Feb 10 - Not an Easy C day, but Dick mixes it up   pictures

Jan 28 - Sunny and above 40F, so a small group rode a 24+ mile meander mapped out as we rode   pictures

Jan 7 - With temperatures hitting 60F, we had a good showing for a last-minute 25 mile ride to Oxford and back   pictures

Jan 1 - Unseasonal weather draws a crowd for our second New Year's Day ride   pictures