Sat (&Sun) Morning Road Rides - Return of the Easy C Rider

Easy C Rider - Ride Pictures 2008

August 23, five ECR riders do the century more

August 16, a longish (for ECR) ride ... gotta get ready for Blazing Saddles next week more

Weekend double header - Part II (14th ECR ride of 2008)

August 10 - another excellent biking day like yesterday. This group left Worcester on an ECR first; the 41 mile ride to Purgatory Chasm and back was co-led and the route planned by long-time ECR participant Walter T., and it turned out to be an excellent route. more

Weekend double header - Part I


August 9 - wonderful bike riding weather keeps repeating itself. We took a 25-30 mile spin through Holden and near Princeton (depending on whether riders took an optional loop). Once again we hit a bridge out, but in this case we simply turned around, without any climbing issues.

August 3 - the threat of Thunderstorms evaporated, and ECR had another glorious day (cool, sunny, light wind) and a huge crowd for one of ECR's favorite rides -- the flat version of the Brookfield Hardwick Ramble which excludes Hardwick

There was one mishap for the gentle riders; nearing the end of the ride, the detour for a bridge out was much hillier than one ought to expect on an ECR ride. more

July 26, a day before George St, was a perfect biking day. All those who showed up were regulars, and a poll indicated that we were all more than old enough for AARP membership. Despite this, we did a quite brisk 25 mile ride through Holden, near Princeton, and into Boylston and back to Worcester ... and several of us put in extra miles biking to and from the start.