Blazing Saddles Century 2007 Easy C Rider does the Blazing Saddles Century - Saturday, August 23, 2008

At the 25-mile water stop, same group as last year: Dick, Walter,
Andrea, Ed and Alex

At the 25-mile water stop, ECR group joined by
Andrea's friend Tim

The crowd at the 25-mile water stop, Ed center with back to us

At the 50 mile stop. Andrea was delayed by two flats

The scene at the 50-mile stop

At the 50-mile stop

Dick&Alex at the 70 mile stop (Dick ... only 30 more miles,
only 30 more miles)

The group split, these 3 pose for post-100 mile photo

Unlike last year (when the same ECR posse rode together), the weather was quite co-operative, and all five finished the 100 miler.

Photo credits Dick, Walter