Sat (&Sun) Morning Road Rides - Return of the Easy C Rider

Easy C Rider - Ride Pictures 2011

Dec 4 - Cooler, but very rideable weather for December, and we meander through Holden and back about 21 miles   pictures

Dec 3 - 7HW Holiday Party pictures

Nov 26 - Indian Summer again 2 days after Thanksgiving - with detour nearly 43 miles in South county   pictures

Nov 20 - Indian Summer 4 days before Thanksgiving, so we ride 29 miles   pictures

Nov 13 - Perfect biking weather in mid-November   pictures

Nov 6 - After a two-week break including a nasty October snowstorm we stretch our legs locally   pictures

Oct 23 - A different route south including Oxford and Millbury and returning on the Blackstone bike path   pictures

Oct 16 - Cool and quite windy. We rode sheltered from the wind when we could, 30+ miles to the North   pictures

Oct 9 - Indian summer continues, but riders are scarce. 30+ miles to the north   picture

Sep 25 - Much warmer, and a smaller group, we do a 29 mile variation of the 9/17 ride   pictures

Sep 18 - Dick rode the CRW Fall Metric solo.   pictures

Sep 17 - An autumnally cool 27 mile ride south from Auburn   pictures

Sep 10 - Third Annual Walter Trice Memorial Metric - a gorgeous bicycling day   pictures

Sep 3 - We're in shape so we do nearly 54 miles in North County at a brisk pace   pictures

Aug 27 - the gents and lady do a split ride, with the guys doing almost 27 miles through Holden & near Princeton   pictures

Aug 20 - John and Gordon join Dick for a mostly nice Blazing Saddles century   pictures

Aug 13th - 42 miles through South County including Webster, Dudley and Charlton   pictures

Aug 6th - about 35 miles through Holden, Sterling and Boylston   pictures

July 31st - longest ride (so far) this year, 37 miles from Fallon through North County   pictures

July 24th - a small group out for about 25 miles locally   pictures

July 23rd - Easy C and Smell the Flower rides delayed an hour by heavy T-storms   pictures

July 2nd - almost 30 miles to the North   pictures

June 26th - the inaugural Smell the Flowers ride - around the reservoir   picture

June 26th - The Easy C version of the Brookfield Hardwick ramble, about 35 miles   pictures

June 18th- Andrea takes a group out for an unoffical precursor ride for Smell the Flowers rides

June 18th - Easy C joins 7HW for the Bolton Explorer, but we skip several hills including Green Street   pictures

June 5th - we do an easy 18 mile ride from the Old Stone Church   pictures

June 4th - separate rides for the ladies and gents - we do about 31 miles to the south   pictures

May 29th - almost 29 miles, we do another route thru South County   pictures

May 28th - a well-attended social ride, a variation of the 7HW Monday ride   pictures

May 21st - a gentle ride wandering the back roads of Holden   pictures

May 14th - the Old Men do a loop from the Old Stone Church   pictures

May 8th - Mother's Day ride bring out the guys and the ladies   pictures

May 1st - Most of yesterday's group returns, and we do a new 27.5 mile route thru South County   pictures

April 30th - A good sized group rode, even though it was cool and brisk   pictures

Apr 24th - Perhaps Easter Sunday is not the best day for a ride   pictures

Apr 9th - Cool and windy. Dick gets a flat while detouring the bridge out on Route 62   pictures

Apr 3rd - More people are ready to ride, we did 22 miles   pictures

Mar 12th - Only in the 40s, but we had Cabin Fever, so we took a modest ride   picture

Mar 5th - It warms up some, so Bob C and Dick do an early season ride   picture

Feb 17th, 18th - Dick rides solo in the February version of Indian summer   picture

Jan 1st, 55 degrees so we had to go riding. We ride road bikes because its much cleaner ..... see pictures