Sat (&Sun) Morning Road Rides - Return of the Easy C Rider

Easy C Rider - Ride Pictures 2010

A group of ECR regulars rode the Third Annual Walter Trice Memorial Metric on Sept 10th.
Walter, a regular ECR rider for many years, died the day after completing the Blazing Saddles Century in 2009.
He first led this ride, a route he developed, in 2008.

We're not sure why more riders didn't show up - it turned out to be a spectacular biking day (although Alex might disagree-see below)

Alex, an ECR regular, had ridden with Walter many times. Eric was doing his very first metric century today.


. .

Beautiful view ....

...on back roads to Paxton

Alex's view of the ride in his own words:

Getting stung by a bee going down Charnock Hill Road at 32 mph ... Crashing my bike on Route 62 at 15 mph (darn railroad tracks) with another 35 miles to go ... Not fun! Lucky the tracks had a rubberized platform or the road rash would have been a bit more bloody. Did end up with a broken finger! Could not shift or brake with my left hand .. Now I know why! Nice WTC Century, Dick!
Thank you for the "easy" pace home! Did end up with almost 65 miles at 14 mph just the same ... Had a couple of Harpoon Ales as soon as I got home!

Walter liked the view from ...

Davis Road in Paxton ... to the North

Alex and the infamous railroad track in Princeton


Coming into Westminster



Rest stop ... ahem

Iowa - nearly home




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