Sat & Sun Morning Road Rides - Return of the Easy

Facebook Group

I'm not sure where exactly this will lead, but I thought I would try it out.

The Easy C Rider Facebook Group for the first time gives you the chance for two-way online communication with me,
and perhaps with each other.

Its a closed group in Facebook terminology, which means I have to accept your membership.
I usually won't do that if I don't know you, so come ride with ECR first!

A few years ago I tried a bulletin board, but it was a spam magnet. By using a closed Facebook group we can at
least eliminate that

The Facebook group is now the preferred way to RSVP for a ride. There will be a discussion set up for each ride for RSVPs and comments. Email RSVPs are still acceptable, but understand I have to wade through 100,000+ spam a year in that mailbox. Putting "Saturday ride" or "Sunday ride" in your subject line will allow my spam filter to flag it for me.

March 7, 2009



Last updated 05/10/2009